Agence Christophe Gautrand

Construction of social housing in bagnolet (93) / delivery expected for 2021

The challenge of building 42 to 46 social rental housing within the “Moulin de l'Epine” residence in Bagnolet results in the creation of a real piece of nature. The garden design is based on a flexible, waving and naturalistic layout. Vegetative waves stretch in an East-West direction and break up the space into different atmospheres. The choice of plant species was made with several parameters: the need for water, the selection of non-invasive, non-allergenic and non-toxic plants, the plants graphic and aesthetic appearance and finally the trees development in clumps.


landscaping design of new social housing


General Contractor : OPH Bagnolet

Location : Bagnolet (93)

Surface area : 1 500 sq. meters

Budget : 4,8 M€ excluding VAT

Architect : Transform Architectes

Phase : Construction in progress / Delivery 2021