Agence Christophe Gautrand


municipal library of setubal, portugal / competition 2013

The site of the future library is in a changing urban context. Located between the historic city and the port activity area, this space is a passage and transition place between the city and the sea. This square is also located on the old wall of the city fortification. The relics of a large wooded square and the presence of a «classified» fountain testify to the history of this place.

Our approach aims to enhance the entire site value by uniting the various existing spaces and integrating new uses related to the library implementation. Create connection and meaning. This is to create a park in connection with the Avenida Luisa Todi garden, Setubal major axis. Connected by the north, the park will consist of large pedestrian walkways along flowerbeds planted with shrubs and meadows.



lanDscaping CREATION of the new library of setubal


General Contractor : City of Setubal

Location : Setubal, Portugal

Budget : 5 M€ excluding VAT

Architect : Krauss Rihouey Architectes

Phase : Competition 2013