Agence Christophe Gautrand

russian cultural center in paris (75) / Competition 2010

Located on a plot of more than 4,000 m2 on the Seine banks, the future Russian Orthodox Cultural and Spiritual Center is accompanied by a lush garden that allows you to retreat from the city life to meditate, rest or just wander.

Located in the middle of the parcel, the church is covered by a folded strip of white concrete. It allows to visually preserve the adjacent mansion facade listed historical monuments. In the axis of the Alma bridge, it becomes a signal indicating the processional path.

Rectangular perforations give a glimpse of the church traditional forms. Sheltered in a volume with contemporary lines, this confrontation between tradition and modernity is at the project heart.

From the street, the square floor is dotted with a glittering mosaic reminiscent of the pediment of an Orthodox church. Under the believers’ footsteps, the golden pavers return the light. Obelisk-shaped trees suggest the popes’ procession to the Church.

Farther down, below this forecourt, the garden takes place between the mansion and the Orthodox center reception. Large trees form a box in which the new building is inserted.



landscaping design of the russian cultural center in paris


General Contractor : Federation of Russia

Location : Paris (75)

Surface area : 4 000 sq. meters

Budget : 25 M€ excluding VAT

Architect : Krauss-Rihouey Architectes

Phase : Competition 2010