Agence Christophe Gautrand

School group, gymnasium and housing in Saint Denis / Project Delivered in october 2017

Located at Paris gateway, in Saint-Denis, in a rapidly changing neighborhood, the E3D island project manages to combine programmatic diversity and density while maintaining open and permeable relationships with the city.

This project consists of a kindergarten and primary school, a recreation center, a gymnasium, 122 housing units and 150 student housing is marked by a general writing of a large unit while displaying its own identity.

It is a question of bringing to this set a true «green» footprint by integrating into all spaces and all levels a real landscape dimension. Biodiversity is highlighted through diverse spaces, landscaping, dry gardens or wild shrubby groves. Nature thus rises to the terraces and roofs. The visual continuities are ensured by a true vegetal coherence.


landscaping design of a school group, a gymnasium and housing


General Contractor : SEQUANO Aménagement

Location : Saint Denis (93)

Surface area : 1 580 sq. meters

Budget : 30,7 M€ excluding VAT

Architect : Atelier Novembre / Atelier Nadau Lavergne

Delivery : September 2016