Agence Christophe Gautrand

Gabriel PEri High school restructuring and extension in Champigny-sur-marne (94) / delivery expected for 2020

The Gabriel-Péri high school rehabilitation project is simple but of great architectural and functional quality. The outdoor spaces and buildings are thought to cling to the street and form a new urban facade. Corridors are created to split the building into several entities and bring light and nature to the workshops’ heart. These scission areas accommodate rainwater storage ditches, ground cover strips and pedestrian paths. Deciduous trees are also planted to shelter the buildings from too much sunshine and bring freshness during the summer.

On the school back facade, small embankments reduce the houses visual impact in the neighboring residential area. It is a natural area, planted with perennials, shrubs left free and ground covers. These limit the water runoff and prevent mowing and thus the green waste production. The plantations consist of non-allergenic shrubs and require little watering. This space, not accessible to high school students, plays an environmental role as a visual filter.

Finally, dry basins are found in two places, collecting rainwater part from the roofs before being discharged to the network. Stored water temporarily changes the landscape, creating natural pools before flowing. These different spaces demonstrate that this structure type can be established in a sustainable manner while respecting its environment and the urban environment constraints.



Landscaping rehabilitation of gabriel peri high school


General Contractor : IDF Region / SAERP

Location : Champigny-sur-Marne (94)

Surface area : 14 000 sq. meters

Budget : 16 M€ excluding VAT

Architect : Agence VEA

Phase : Delivery 2020