Agence Christophe Gautrand

costa concordia in italy / competition 2012

On January 13, 2012, the Costa Concordia stranded a few tens of meters from the island Giglio shore. Thirty-two people die there. The island then becomes the ephemeral theater of a ceaseless broom of boats, gear, workers, engineers, voyeurs gravitating around the disembowelled hull. This event is the starting point of a new story, with the obvious desire to avoid excess in the responses and the desire too simplistic to erase all traces of this shipwreck.

The proposed project meets the memory duty and the coast and seabed preservation. The Costa Concordia is now part of the island life. It is then a question of staging and revalorizing the dismantling of this wreck. Platforms or geographical markers equipped with ship tracking and observation devices are scattered on the coast to provide a particular framing towards the Costa Concordia and keep a close watch on the ship dismantling. These bases, once the ship is completely dismantled, will welcome ship pieces transformed into metal tags such as the Moaï, Easter Island statues, facing the sea.


Reusing ship parts is obvious. This hull is not only a stranded boat, it is also a tomb in which thirty-two people perished. Leave some of this debris on site is a tribute to the missing. Some of the ship remains, after dismantling and depollution, will be reconditioned and turned into fishtank to favor the seabed enrichment after the damage caused by the Costa Concordia sinking. The ship’s chimney will be symbolically immersed thus playing the role of submarine memorial bearing the name of each victims.

The ship dismantling will change the perception of the island landscape. The disappearance of the Costa Concordia wreck will then make its original face to the island landscapes. Finally, a fine structure attached to the coast, materializing the dock that could have accommodated the ship, will be created. This memory object, coastal beacon visible from the open sea, will mark the location of the Costa Concordia sinking.



costa concordia in italy


General Contractor : ICSplat

Location : Giglio Island, Italy

Phase : Competition 2012