Agence Christophe Gautrand


extension of media library and chanoine dubarat square in Bayonne (64) / delivery expected for 2021

The landscaping of Bayonne’s Media Library extension project includes the new development of the square Chanoine Dubarat in front of Bayonne’s cathedral, as well as several green spaces inside the library.

We wanted to create continuity and unity to all the buildings by playing on the mineral paving tones, a nod to the building predominant stone. Large grass beds are inserted between the mineral grids of the place, conferring its natural appearance, flowery and uncluttered.

Formerly physically and visually divided by vegetation, the square Chanoine Dubarat now invites visitors to stop for a moment on the white concrete benches and contemplate the impressive Gothic cathedral.



Landscaping of Bayonne Media library extension and of chanoine dubarat square


General Contractor : City Hall of Bayonne

Location : Bayonne (64)

Surface area : 4 000 sq. meters

Budget : 8,7 M€ excluding VAT

Team : Architect - DJ Architects / Engineering - AIA

Phase : Detailed Studies 2019 / Delivery expected for 2021