Agence Christophe Gautrand

water garden in LUXEMBOURG


water garden in LUXEMBOURG

The Agency Christophe Gautrand & Associés imagines a water garden in harmony with the building made of modern forms that will welcome sculptures and aquatic elements, creating a real link between the inside and the outside.


Echoing this modern property, the garden is designed in a succession of spaces with singular identities. At the house edge, the plant is structured in the manner of a garden composed of beds and water mirrors. By moving away, the landscape is left in a wild and natural state. We also played on the perspectives by offering wide visual breakthroughs and by creating a green setting on the garden edge with trees of different sizes to hide the surrounding views.



Our work on views revolves around several alleys made up of vertical lines, trees, shrubs and pathways.

On the house edges we created greenery rooms no longer able to discern the inside from the outside. Our layout removes the traditional barriers of interior and exterior spaces and lets the vegetation gradually dominate the architectural complex.

The garden frame is instinctively guessed through the rows of lime trees and shrubs that accompany the visitor in the different garden entities.


creation of a water garden in luxembourg


General Contractor : Private

Location : Luxembourg

Date : 2018

Surface area : 3,000 sq. meter

Photography : Hugo HEBRARD